ANTHEM on Cogent Records™ (2009)

  • 1. Josephine
  • 2. It Ain't Right
  • 3. Running From The Graveyard
  • 4. Troubled Times
  • 5. A Victim's Song
  • 6. The Open Road The Open Sky
  • 7. Sing Your Tune
  • 8. Where The Wind Might Blow
  • 9. Old Souls Like You And Me
  • 10. Windows
  • 11. Open Letter
  • 12. Change Your Made Up Mind

You can listen to some of these songs on Chris' myspace page

Produced by Chris Scruggs. Recorded by Craig Schumacher at the Wavelab in Tucson, Arizona. Engineered by Chris Schultz. Mastered by J.J. Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura, California. Additional recordings by Scott McEwin at Fry Pharmacy, Madison, Tennessee. All songs written by Chris Scruggs (Ligba Songs/BMI - Bug Administration) except for "The Open Road The Open Sky" written by Ron Davies (Universal Publishing)

This CD can also be purchased by sending a check or money order for $14.99 (US funds) to:
Chris Scruggs, PO Box 128231, Nashville, TN. 37212-8231. Outside the US, please add $2.00 s&h.

The individual tracks are available for download at